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Welcome to the Online Book of Shadows
This website is designed for free access to spells, bath and beauty recipes, ritual recipes, and rituals. The beginner can find out about Wicca and learn easy steps to casting spells and rituals. Learn how to make ritual tools! Also, check out the online catalog. We make all of our own products and guarantee satisfaction. You can find spell kits, candles, and more!
What is Wicca
Wicca is a nature-based religion that believes in multiple deities. Most Wiccans worship both a God and a Goddess aspect of the One Deity. There are different aspects of the God and the Goddess as well, so many pantheons are worshipped in Wicca. Wiccans work to bring back the ancient pagan religions, mostly of European origin. There are hundreds of Traditions of Wicca, such as Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Italian, Norse, Welsh, and Dianic. Wiccans either work in groups (called covens) or they work alone (solitary). This is all dependant on the witch. There is no centralized authority in Wicca, such as a governing church. Witches are left to themselves to maintain their ethics and morals.
Wiccan Ethics
1. Harm none through your actions, words, or decisions (including yourself).
2. Do not cast magick to harm another. Do not cast magick on another without their consent.
3. Heal the Earth, for she is our mother.
4. Whatever energy you send out returns to you threefold. Therefore, attempt to always do positive things or your actions will cause you great problems.
5. Celebrate the Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year and the Esbats at the New and Full moon to honor the gods.
6. Never berate another's religion, for it is not our place to question how a deity may show itself to another.
7. Never reveal who is a witch without their permission.
8. Do not take Wicca lightly. To "dabble" is to show dishonor to the beliefs of Wicca and to show the public that the religion is worthless.
9. Honor the Elders of the Craft, for they possess knowledge far beyond yours.
10. Treat knowledge as a sacred gift. Look for it in all things, both good and bad. Learn from mistakes as well as successes.
11. Keep within your Book of Shadows your magickal learnings.
12. Never speak ill of those who are witches, for they are your brethren at all times.
13. Work magick where you will be undisturbed by others who do not know of it. Do not teach magick to those who would not treat it respectfully.

The Sabbats
Yule: Winter Solstice; Dec 20-23 (varies)
The longest night of the year. The sun is reborn.
Imbolc: Candlemas; Feb 2;
Spring is returning.
Ostara: Spring Equinox; Mar 20-23 (varies)
Equal balance of day and night. Spring.
Beltane: May Eve; April 30
Sacred marriage of the God and Goddess. Fertility festival.
Litha: Summer Solstice; June 20-23 (varies)
Longest day of the year.
Lughnassadh: Lammas; August 1
Harvest and sun festival.
Mabon: Fall Equinox; Sept 20-30 (varies)
Balance of light and dark.
Samhain: Hallowmas; Oct 31
Final Day of the year; Contact with deceased loved ones; rest and reflection. The sun goes into the underworld (to be reborn at Yule).
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